Handbook of Chinese Horoscopes 7th edition

Now in its seventh edition, The Handbook of Chinese Horoscopes remains the definitive classic work on this fascinating subject and artfully combines the Eastern lunar calendar with Western solar-based astrology.  

Do you know which of the twelve animal signs you are and how "the animal that hides in your heart" influences your outlook on life and relationships with others?  Learn how the five elements, the four seasons, and the ascendant sign - based on the hour of your birth - can affect your personality.  Find out what happens when your Eastern moon sign meets your Western sun sign, and discover the 144 marriage combinations to see the relationships between the twelve lunar signs.  Look to the future and learn how you are likely to fare in the upcoming years.

Theodora Lau and Laura Lau makes it simple to understand and chart your own horoscopes.  Featuring all new lunar forecasts for the years to come, this updated edition will continue to delight seasoned astrologers and interested novices alike, as it has done for more than twenty-five years. (HarperCollins, January 2011)

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Wedding Feng Shui

From finding the luckiest wedding day to choosing the perfect symbolic elements, Chinese horoscope experts Laura Lau and Theodora Lau explain how anyone of any culture can use Eastern wisdom to create a personalized, meaningful, and beautiful wedding

In this comprehensive guide to wedding planning, Laura Lau and Theodora Lau, authors of the top selling Handbook of Chinese Horoscopes, answer the many wedding questions they have received over the years, and teach readers how to customize a wedding based on the bride and groom’s lunar and solar signs. Accompanied by beautiful Chinese calligraphy, the book introduces readers to their Chinese moon sign, shows them how to best use their sign’s natural strengths during the planning process, and helps them predict challenges during the time leading up to the wedding. 

With a focus on interweaving traditional and nontraditional elements for a wedding that is personalized and special, Wedding Feng Shui takes brides through the entire process of wedding planning, from choosing the most auspicious day, to finding the right dress and selecting the luckiest colors, flowers, and symbols. Chinese horoscopes for every sign offer essential insights on how to best manage the many relationships that come together with a marriage—the interaction of the couple, in-laws, bridesmaids, groomsmen, vendors and guests. (HarperCollins, January 2011)

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E-book: ISBN: 9780062036704; ISBN10: 006203670X
Paperback: ISBN: 9780061990533; ISBN10: 0061990531

Best Loved Chinese Proverbs

"By filling one's head instead of one's pocket, one cannot be robbed."

The appeal of Chinese proverbs is profound and universal. With brevity, clarity, and simplicity, these carefully chosen words help pass wisdom and insight throughout the ages. This timeless, eloquent collection of proverbs offers fundamental truths about the natural world and the human condition, on subjects such as:

Ability • Adversity • Beauty • Character • Conflict Cooperation • Deception • Defeat • Fortune • Greed • Happiness Honor • Inspiration • Knowledge • Leadership • Love Moderation • Necessity • Neighbors • Obstinacy • Opportunity Perseverance • Pride • Sincerity • Strategy • Success Thought • Trust • Victory • Wisdom • And More

"With our thoughts we must build our world."

Paperback: ISBN: 9780061703652; ISBN10: 0061703656
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E-book: ISBN: 9780061726866; ISBN10: 0061726869
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The Chinese Horoscopes Guide to Relationships

Are you and your partner always quarreling, for no apparent reason? Could it be that one of you is a Dragon and the other a Dog?

If you were looking for a creative person to work for you, would it help to know their birth year? Someone born in the Year of the Monkey would be a strong choice.

Were you born in the Year of the Rooster? Maybe it's no surprise that your closest friends are an Ox and a Snake.

The Chinese Horoscopes Guide to Relationships is a fascinating guide to the secrets of the astrological system that has been practiced in China for years. By identifying the people in your life--business associates, family members, teachers, friends, lovers, and spouses--through their respective signs, you will gain valuable insight into their personalities and aptitudes, their quirks and proclivities. More important, you will discover how your own sign and its traits affect how you get along with others born under different signs. At long last, you will have the astrological explanations as to why you can be so compatible with one person yet so completely at odds with someone else.
Copyright © 1995 by Theodora Lau

Children of the Moon: Discover Your Child's Personality through Chinese Horoscopes

Parents -- find out your child's personality ... before it even develops! The only book available on Chinese horoscopes for parents and parents-to-be, Children of the Moon gives profiles of children based on their birth time, month, and year.

This book explains for the first time ever how "birth order," according to Chinese horoscopes, affects a child's outlook on life. With Children of the Moon, discover the animal sign and personality of your child:

The Rat: A leader and self-starter
The OX: Dedicated and hardworking
The Tiger: Charismatic and courageous
The Rabbit: Peace loving and intelligent
The Dragon: Dynamic and optimistic
The Snake: Wise and confident
The Horse: Perceptive and independent
The Sheep: Artistic and graceful
The Monkey: Brilliant and curious
The Rooster: Efficient and ambitious
The Dog: Loyal and Just
The Boar: Affectionate and generous
Entertaining and enlightening for children as well as parents, Children of the Moon also includes a special story dedicated to each sign at the end of each chapter.